260 Applications, 60+ Countries: The Thrilling Global Quest for Best Tourism Villages – Third Edition is on

Get ready to embark on a global journey of rural enchantment! Our mission to unveil the extraordinary marvels of rural tourism has been met with sheer excitement. We’ve been swept off our feet by a staggering influx of 260 applications hailing from over 60 countries, all vying for a spot in the much-awaited third edition of #BestTourismVillages.

From the preservation and celebration of cultural treasures to the seamless fusion of economic prosperity, social vitality, and environmental harmony, the #BestTourismVillages are a living testament to the art of sustainability. These villages aren’t just destinations; they’re profound lessons in embracing a future that’s both vibrant and enduring. 🌍🌟

Get ready to hold your breath in anticipation as we unveil the villages that will join us in our Third Edition soon! πŸŒ„ This thrilling list of exceptional destinations is set to make its grand debut in October, right at the prestigious UNWTO General Assembly in the mesmerizing city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

So, dear travellers and enthusiasts, are you prepared for this riveting rural adventure that promises to whisk you away to some of the most enchanting corners of our planet? Stay tuned, the excitement is just around the corner!

🌍🌟 #BestTourismVillages