Celebrating Rural Renaissance: UNWTO’s First Survey unveils secrets to rural tourism success

Let’s dive into some of the highlights and key takeaways from the recent webinar on “Tourism in Rural Areas: Key Successful Strategies by their Main Players”. The webinar covered a wide range of topics related to rural tourism and its potential for driving sustainable development.

UNWTO’s First Tourism for Rural Development Survey

The webinar discussed the results of the first Tourism for Rural Development Survey conducted by UNWTO for its member states. These findings likely shed light on the current state of rural tourism and its potential for development. The survey highlighted how Member States are exploring ways to enhance the role of tourism in promoting rural development. This is crucial for leveraging the economic and social benefits that tourism can bring to rural areas.

Challenges and Opportunities

The session likely delved into the challenges and opportunities associated with using tourism as a driver for rural development as highlighted in the report. These included issues such as infrastructure development, environmental sustainability, and community engagement.

Rural Tourism Policies

The webinar featured insights from speakers representing countries like Indonesia and Portugal, who shared their experiences with rural tourism policies. These policies are instrumental in facilitating sustainable development in rural regions.

Sandra Carvao, Chief of Market Intelligence and Competitiveness at UNWTO, delivered a keynote address emphasizing the crucial role of rural tourism in achieving sustainable development. Her insights underscored why rural tourism is essential for a greener planet.

Indonesia’s Initiatives

Frans Teguh, Senior Advisor to the Minister for Sustainable Development and Conservation in Indonesia, discussed how Indonesia has implemented various policies to boost the role of rural tourism. These insights could be valuable for other nations looking to follow a similar path.

Portugal’s Perspective

Susana Gracio, Team Leader for Environment and Inland Tourism Valorization at Turismo De Portugal, likely shared Portugal’s strategies and experiences in promoting rural tourism as a means of fostering development.

(For those who missed the webinar, there’s the opportunity to download a free copy of the report, which contains in-depth insights and recommendations related to rural tourism and development. Please download it here: