Exploring the Untapped Potential of Rural Tourism: Insights from the UNWTO Webinar

In a groundbreaking webinar, the spotlight was cast on the inaugural report titled ‘Tourism and Rural Development: A Policy Perspective – Results of the UNWTO Survey on Tourism for Rural Development to Member States’.

This session offered a one-of-a-kind global perspective, featuring distinguished speakers who represented the captivating landscapes of Indonesia and the picturesque charm of Portugal.

Sandra Carvao, Director of the Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness Department at UNWTO, set the stage with insightful opening remarks, emphasizing the importance of rural tourism in the global development agenda.

Diverse Perspectives: Indonesia and Portugal in Focus

The session unfolded as a journey through enchanting landscapes, as speakers provided a glimpse into the unique approaches and strategies adopted in rural tourism policies of their respective countries.

Indonesia’s Country Strategy

Frans Teguh, Senior Advisor to the Minister for Sustainable Development and Conservation, Acting Deputy for Destination and Infrastructure Development at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of The Republic of Indonesia, guided participants through an audio-visual exploration. His presentation outlined Indonesia’s country strategy, showcasing how the nation is harnessing rural tourism as a catalyst for sustainable development.

Portugal’s Perspective

Susana Gracio, Team Leader for the Environment and Inland Tourism Valorisation Team at Turismo De Portugal, continued the narrative with a captivating audio-visual presentation. Providing a nuanced insight, she shared Portugal’s country strategy, emphasizing the integration of environmental conservation and tourism valorization in rural development initiatives.

Fostering Sustainable Development on a Global Scale

The overarching theme of the webinar echoed the significance of sustainable development in the realm of rural tourism. Both Indonesia and Portugal exemplified how their distinct approaches are not only driving tourism but also fostering environmental preservation, cultural heritage conservation, and community upliftment.

(For those who missed the live session, the UNWTO has made the report available for free download. This repository encapsulates a wealth of insights, strategies, and success stories, providing a comprehensive overview of the dynamic landscape of rural tourism as discussed during the webinar.)

Download here: https://www.e-unwto.org/doi/10.18111/9789284424306

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