Spanish webinar explores tourism’s role in rural development

In a concerted effort to disseminate crucial insights, the Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness Department (TMIC) recently organized a Spanish-language webinar to present the findings of the Member States Survey Results report. This illuminating session, with representatives from Peru and Ecuador, marked a continuation of the dialogue initiated earlier in an English-language webinar conducted in July.

Peruvian Perspectives: Nurturing Innovation for Sustainable Tourism

Claudia Viviana Burga Casanova, the Director of Innovation at Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, took the virtual stage to provide insights into Peru’s innovative strategies. Her presentation emphasized the promotion of sustainable rural tourism by fostering community engagement and implementing robust policy frameworks. Peru’s approach seeks to create a harmonious balance between economic development, cultural preservation, and environmental sustainability.

Ecuador’s Commitment to Biodiversity and Community Empowerment

Santiago Salazar, Products and Destinations Specialist at Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism, shared Ecuador’s commitment to biodiversity conservation through rural tourism initiatives. In his presentation, Santiago highlighted the country’s inclusive practices, ensuring active participation and tangible benefits for local communities. Ecuador’s approach aims to build resilience, fostering sustainable tourism practices that contribute to both economic growth and environmental protection.

The dialogue between the UNWTO and these American nations provided valuable insights into the challenges and milestones in rural tourism, showcasing innovative approaches and fostering collaboration on a global scale. The exchange of ideas contributes to the ongoing efforts to create a sustainable and inclusive future for rural communities through tourism.

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