Unveiling the Secrets to Fund Your Green Dreams: Masterclass on Sustainable Infrastructure Funding

Buckle up for an exciting adventure! The Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO Network recently played host to a Masterclass – ‘Funding for Sustainable Infrastructure’. 🌍🌞

Titled ‘Find it! Design it! Pitch for it!’, this masterclass had two star speakers: Paras Loomba, Founder of Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE), dropped knowledge bombs during the English session, while Sebastian Cervetto, the Global Implementation Maestro and Team Captain at GHE, rocked the Spanish session. 🌟🎤

The masterclass was a rollercoaster ride through the thrilling world of funding sustainable infrastructure. Because let’s face it, making the world a greener, more awesome place is a journey worth embarking on, and these lessons were like the ultimate treasure map! 🌿💰🗺️

But wait, what’s the buzz all about? It’s all about understanding the awesomeness of sustainable infrastructure in rural destinations! 🏡💡

Here’s the scoop on the topics that had participants on the edge of their seats:

Creating a Blueprint for an Eco-Friendly Village

Think of this as drawing up the ultimate eco-village masterplan. Imagine wind turbines, recycling stations, and lush greenery galore! Participants got the lowdown on how to make a village not just cool for tourists but also a green paradise.

Methodology of Designing Funding Proposals

Forget boring paperwork! This was all about mastering the art of crafting proposals that make funders go “Wow!” Attendees learned the secrets of pitching their ideas, crunching numbers, and proving why their project is the next big thing.

Identifying Key Financing Partners and Opportunities

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it might be hiding in unexpected places! This part of the masterclass was like a treasure hunt, teaching participants where to look for that pot of gold to fund their sustainable dreams.

Carbon Financing and Methodology

It’s not about catching carbon credits with a butterfly net. Nope, it’s all about turning eco-efforts into cold, hard cash! The class dived into how to calculate those carbon savings and turn them into greenbacks, all while saving the planet.

Converting Proposals from Paperwork to Real Funding

Picture this: You’ve got a killer proposal, but now what? This part of the masterclass was like the final showdown. Attendees learned how to seal the deal, shake hands with investors, and transform their dreamy plans into reality.