Sidi Kaouki, Morocco

A Berber village of fishermen, farmers, and Argan producers

Sidi Kaouki is a small Berber village 25km south of Essaouira, home to valleys, forests, sea and caves.

The name of this village of fishermen and shepherds comes from a local saint from the late 19th century whose tomb can still be seen at one end of its endless beach.

In this coastal municipality, the main activities practised by the local population are, in addition to fishing and agriculture, the production and marketing of high quality 100% natural organic products, such as honey, amlou, or the famous Argan, from which cosmetics, soap, shampoos and creams are made. The local population of Sidi Kaouki produces, develops and sells all kinds of Argan products, such as the Sidi Kaouki cooperative, the Sidi Kaouki Argan Women’s Association and the Moroccan natural products mogador.

In fact, Sidi Kaouki is part of the Argan biosphere reserve which covers the vast plain bordered by the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas mountains and flows into the Atlantic. The argan forest plays an important role in terms of research and socio-economic development.

For its part, the marabout of Sidi Kaouki attracts pilgrims from all over, gives spiritual power to the village and embellishes the landscape of the place thanks to its particular architecture.

Sidi Kaouki also owes its reputation to its large waves, which make it a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts and professionals.




The village is located in the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve. (UNESCO). Argan, practices and know-how concerning the argan tree was inscribed in 2014 (9.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO). The local population of Sidi Kaouki produces, develops and sells Argan products through cooperatives. 


Promoting economic sustainability 

To facilitate access to financing and to support investment in small and medium tourism projects, several programs of guarantee and financing exist, such as “Intelaka” program. This mechanism meets the needs of the village and allows the consolidation of its economic system which is structured around micro-projects such as guest houses, lodges… 



In 2021, local mobilization for the preservation of the coastline of Sidi Kaouki has been carried out with the help of NGOs (Surfrider), the private sector (Mika), the municipality and the civil society.