Valposchiavo Tursimo, Vial da la Stazion 12, CH-7742, Poschiavo
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A pioneer village in the development of sustainable tourism

Hidden behind the Bernina Pass lies the Valposchiavo. Only 25 km long, the surprising southern valley of Graubünden stretches from the glaciers to the palm trees at the valley’s end to Italy. Visitors can expect a relaxed southern flair, intact natural and cultural landscapes and an incomparable selection of local products, most of which are processed and refined directly in the valley.

Due to its peripheral location and lack of investment, Valposchiavo, an Italian-speaking southern valley in the canton of Graubünden, has always practiced sustainable tourism – even when that was not a selling point.

Valposchiavo’s tourist offer is characterized by:

  • local products “100% Valposchiavo“®
  • rich cultural history,
  • small family-run accommodations,
  • a lot of voluntary work and enthusiasm of the local population,
  • the active cooperation of the various tourism stakeholders,
  • an intact natural and cultural landscape, which is cultivated by an innovative agricultural sector (over 95% of the agricultural area is cultivated by Bio-Suisse-certified farms).

Valposchiavo is fully committed to close cooperation between tourism, agriculture and trade: Circular economy is created and strengthened from production to transformation to consumption.

This increases the added value generated by tourism and distributes it among the various economic sectors in the valley.

Tourism thus becomes a driving force for the local economy and rural development. 

The main goals of Valposchiavo’s tourism development are to guarantee sustainable economic development and to stop depopulation.



100% Value Chain

The local administration has launched “100% Valposchiavo”, a project that connects all the local actors of the value chain, from production to the final sale of products, creating a label that certifies the quality. An example are the restaurants of the area, which must propose 100% Valposchiavo dishes and promote local products and cuisine. 


Sustaining hospitality with proximity tourism

Hotels in Valposchiavo represents 70% of total overnights; however, at present, the year-round occupancy rate is only around 21%. Therefore, Valposchiavo has launched a project that focuses on increasing overnights, focusing on guests from the neighboring urban centers who are willing to pay higher prices for local products. 


Organized and connected community

Tourism management and promotion in the valley is everyone’s responsibility. Product management and marketing are delegated to Valposchiavo Turismo, while the municipalities are responsible for the tourism infrastructure; at the same time, local producers, traders and businesses are organized in associations to guarantee a coordinated vision for the valley. 

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