Sultanate Of Oman, Misfat Al Abriyin / Al-Hamra / Al Dakhiliyah P O Box
1266, PC 133, Oman

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Notable for both its traditional architecture and agriculture, Misfat Al Abriyeen is an Omani oasis village, that has been a self-sustaining cohesive community based on the ancient falaj irrigation systems for at least 2000 years. It is located at c. 900m asl, deep within the Oman Mountains, a formidable mountain chain that stretches in an arc across the Oman Peninsula. Misfat Al Abriyeen’s vision points to restore Misfat as a fully functioning, self-sufficient and networked rural unit that also plays its important role in the creation of a sustainable future for the country following ‘Oman Vision 2040’ through tourism and heritage-led initiatives. 

The tourism-led initiatives will aim to strengthen the community and its flagship residents’ cooperative, Al Misfat Al Ahlia, by increasing stakeholders’ engagement and establishing an effective non-governmental entity and social capital. Al Misfat Al Ahlia and the community will create private sector jobs for local people and opportunities for local and regional businesses, optimising the sustainable use of natural and human resources in the area and increasing the non-oil share of the economy. 

Therefore, Misfat Al Abriyeen tourism strategy goals are to focus on the following key aspects: Community cooperative and resilience, developing and strengthening the flagship community cooperative, Al Misfat Al Ahlia and carry out tourism related activities through this non-governmental body; Develop capacity and resilience within the community cooperative to manage tourism, balance resident/tourist aspirations, and shape and manage visitors’ expectations; Develop resource-raising initiatives involving a combination of public, private and voluntary entities for funding and support in kind. 

The self-reliance that once characterised Omani rural oasis settlements could be rebuilt through a strong, effective and resilient community cooperative with networked connectivity with other oases, towns and cities. 



Action for climate change

The HTDP has established a robust framework for ensuring environmental sustainability. The village has worked towards the broad goals of wider environmental protection, sanitation, domestic and agricultural water management, traffic reduction and sustainable energy production thanks a combination of solar panels and micro turbines, and energy storge systems. 


Working to promote local cultural and gastronomy values 

The HTDP offers an economic development and masterplan to safeguard Misfat’s ancient heritage. The village has developed five Bed-and-Breakfast facilities, which has spurred healthy competition and fostered entrepreneurial culture within the village. These guesthouses provide an excellent experience of local rural values, offer food and beverage supplied by the local community and employ community members.